08 October 2007

Coming to a school near you...

Why oh why am I getting emails from my athletic department advertising for television?? Big Money...no whammies....

he next two Michigan football games (Eastern Michigan on Saturday and Purdue next Saturday) will be aired on the Big Ten Network.

The network's distribution partnerships allow for the satellite providers and cable distributors to carry “overflow” games so subscribers will have access to all Big Ten Network games when multiple games are being aired at the same time.

As the Michigan State/Northwestern game is also on the Big Ten Network at the same time, tomorrow's Eastern Michigan game (12 noon start) will be aired on DirectTV channel 219, AT&T U-Verse channel 644, DISH Network channel 441 and WOW channel 334 (for customers in Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio).

For other cable customers, the decision whether or not to air Big Ten Network "overflow" games will be made by their cable operator. Channel assignments for next week's Michigan-Purdue game (12 noon start) will be released on MgoBlue.com as they are made available.

If you would like to get DirectTV, DISH Network or AT&T U-Verse, just click on the name of the company and you will be directed to their web site.

If you have any comments or questions about the Big Ten Network, please direct them to bigtennetwork@umich.edu. We have had numerous messages already, and we may not be able to respond to them all. We still encourage our fans without the Big Ten Network to call their cable operator. We know it is frustrating, but the only way the cable providers will add the network is by hearing from their consumers. You can also call 1-800-WANT-B10 to record a message or patch through directly to your cable company.

03 October 2007

Tend to those tender ears?

So...yes "Elephant" is blasting my ears out today. At least my ears will be happy before they completely and utterly fail...one day.

Something to cheer me up? They put in bike lanes on Packard St. so now the bike lane extends nearly completely to home.


01 October 2007

Tonight...we dine!

This is an adorable take on "300"...not to be mistaken with this slightly more mischievous one. Don't worry y'all....it's all Safe For Work.

And here's a new favorite from Mr. Breakfast. Baked Cinnamon French Toast. Yum!

PS....I now surpassed 400 citations in my EndNote library. Awesomely nerdy. Yeppo.