06 May 2009

FSM invades your joint

Funny title huh? If you don't know what FSM is by now, check out the pastafarianism here.

I made what I think is my best slide picture ever. EVER! (seriously, it's awesome!) Check it out below! It's a cross-sectional representation of the cartilage/bone interface. The squiggly lines are collagen, the circles are chondrocytes (aka cartilage cells)

But now that I'm looking at it again, it does look like little FSMs are all over.
{sigh} Maybe one of my committee members will get a kick out of making similar interpretation.


03 May 2009

My very first follower!

I'm so excited! I has a follower! It feels like it's Secret Santa season and I'm all excited. (wait, I already mentioned this)

Welcome to spring everyone! The apple blossoms are in bloom and they are my absolute favorite aroma. During my run, I ran past about 5-6 trees all in a cluster and I stopped to just inhale deeply their luscious, pungent, sharp aroma. In fact, I think that I'm going to bicycle past it on my way home just so I can smell them again. How wonderful!

On the by and by, I slaughtered over 12,000 calories in April. twelve freakin' THOUSAND! Take THAT mischievous remnants of cheesecake. muahahahahaha!!

:) LJS