29 June 2008

Two papers, two more betas

Sometimes I wish I'd see more researchers not be so overly optimistic about their data. It's OK to doubt your own data,I think, and communicate that to the public.
Besides, it's way more fun to write the beta version of a conclusions section than what the public will actually see. But, remember, I'm very critical of my data and also very pessimistic.

Paper #1 conclusions

I think my results are on the deep side of depressing, but my advisor likes them. So maybe I’ll hold off on ritualistic hara-kiri.

Paper #2 conclusions

These results are not quite as cringe-inducing as my other data. But, I still reserve the right to take a Tracy-Lynn style spoon to my vital organs as I see fit.

26 June 2008

Nom nom

Hyperion likes beef jerky (why I'll never know, the stuff's horrible) but I'm a Sweet Tart gal. The Squeez stuff is the best (and fastest delivery of rocket-fuel proportions of good old fashioned sugar)

Finally! Nerd girls get their own boy band!

By far, the best video of the year. It's called epMotion. It's easy as 1-2-3.

25 June 2008

Pirates swoon over LOL Punditry

Combine LOLcat humor and snark...and one gets Pundit Kitchen. A whole bunch of awesomeness and tofu jerky.
:) LJS

24 June 2008

Holidays everyday! For everyone!

Come on over to International ____ Day, and find a new and unusual way to celebrate each and every day!
And, especially enjoy my masterpiece: June 29th! (no, I'm not going to tell you what it is, go on over and find out!)

19 June 2008

Hyperion's Opus

The Hyperion Institute is a place I visit every day, and he never disappoints. I adore his Edgar Allan Poe trilogy, and can't wait for a re-publish on that. {hint hint Hypey}

Today is really special at the Institute. He is re-publishing one of his finest pieces: The Wall.

Please take a moment to stop by and read it. If you were touched by it, please forward the link to someone else.

Thanks! :) LJS

10 June 2008

Where are my darn ruby slippers?

I'm really homesick, I just want to go home and ride my bicycle and speak english and run without worried about becoming roadkill and hug my cat and work in a lab with all the people I like and miss.

Last night on my run, I noticed lots of feral kids. You know what I mean by feral kids? Kids who wear new "vintage" Misfit t-shirts, who hang out at 10 pm on a street sidewalk in their $90 shoes and expensive bicycles, who may try to smoke because it looks cool, who probably are a lot nicer than we think they are-if given half a chance. Looking like a bunch of trouble, but generally quite harmless. I hung out with the feral kids in middle school because we were all in orchestra and nobody else would talk with nerdy me. They were my rock, my courage, my place to go for fun or someone to talk to.

So, when you see feral kids....I would advice a friendly smile, and a private snicker about their cluelessness about the Misfits.

08 June 2008

Kitteh makes political statements

Just so that everyone knows: the Obamas are not the only ones to fist bump

07 June 2008

My summertime gig

By the way, I'm in a band and will be rocking out this summer. Come check out me and the adventures at the Monkey Barn.

Yes, awesome t-shirts will be available!

No, we will not be playing synthesizer.

:) LJS

06 June 2008

Wee Kitteh!

Introducing MOLO! A wee lil kitteh that Oliver and Lorraine found and welcomed into their home.
Francis and I are enamoured with him, he's really adorable!

PS: Look at those choppers!

:) LJS

03 June 2008

Fun updates

So it's been a very busy week on the pirate boat of life, with many ups and a few downs. So to begin!
1. I am now a certified (and licensed) biker chick. Now I need to figure out which bike I'll use to cruise up and down the galleys. I'm eyeing Blue Thunder-my husband's bike. I had my first solo ride last night-and for me, exhilarating and nerve wracking. Afterall, how many of us were very confident when we first took a car out? I really enjoy riding so I want to practice as much as possible on back roads. My husband, when he watched me leave, felt really happy that now I'm also riding but sad because now he'll have to share the bike. LOL.
2. I'm now converted to the Mac side of the force. But, I'm operating Windows mostly. I really like having a computer that doesn't feel like lead bricks. Because I'm still a student, I got a free iTouch. Wheeee!
3. The Husband defends his thesis in less than one week!

3. My old computer crashed, necessitating purchase of the aforementioned Mac.
4. The brakes on the Silver Bullet were shot and required a complete overhaul.

So, my soul is happy but the wallet is hurting.