29 July 2008

Say it aint so Jack, I love you

Did Jack White just jump the shark?? Noooooooooo!!!! (although the song will be kick-butt, I'm sure)

For him, it's been downhill after our painful separation. But, alas, our love was not meant to last. Here's us in happier times.

25 July 2008

Take the good and the bad

I just heard back about an abstract submission:
They said "nay"...which is a bummer because San Francisco...October. Would have been great.
But it's good because I was working on a student award application and they wanted a 2-page "all about me" blurb...and I was all writers block about it because I can't include any of my guerrilla work in Peru.

24 July 2008

a meme about mmee

1. Where is your cell phone? On my desk

2. Where is your significant other? 15 feet from me

3. Your Hair? blondish with red

4. Your Mother? A whirling dervish of spastic energy

5. Your Father? The Quiet Man

6. Your favorite thing? My family

7. Your dream last night? Strange

8. Your dream/goal? World domination, a good motorcycle and pancakes every morning

9. The room you're in? I'm at the office

10. Your Fear? Heights, not necessarily Wuthering ;)

11. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Not in graduate school

12. Where were you last night? In bed

13. What you're not sarcastic? Who, me?!

14. Muffins? blueberry

15. One of your wish list items? More time, less stuff

16. Where you grew up? ohio

17. Last thing you did? Ate a really nice lunch at an outdoor concert

18. What are you wearing? T-shirt and shorts

19. Your TV? Crying because it never gets used

20. Your pet(s)? Howie

21. Your computer? iLOVE my iMAC Book

22. Your Life? Complete, happy and fun

23. Your mood? Generally good

24. Missing Someone? Everyone

25. Your car/truck? Ford station wagon

26. Something you're not wearing? Uncomfortable shoes

27. Your summer? Very fun so far!

28. Love Someone? everyone

29 Your favorite color? green

30. When is the last time you laughed? Today

31. Last time you cried? Can't remember

32. Who will resend? Dunno, I want it to be a surprise!

15 July 2008

Now we're zooming

Got the license, insurance, registration for my very own bike. Last night was its inaugural ride and it was so much fun! I would post photos but it's hard to ride a bike and take pictures at the same time.

Despite the head gaskets leaking, crooked handlebars and the rear light being something of the cobbled-together variety, I've devoted my time of late to the most important motorcycle tasks. Naming it!

So far, I really like Kali. Like the magnificent Hindu goddess, my bike appears fierce but is really a kind and loving spirit. The artwork on the bike tank does not exactly indicate "Hindu deity", as I'll hopefully be able to show you soon. But I've seen into its spirit and I know that Kali is a good fit.

So, yesterday Kali and I went on the freeway for the first time. 55...even 70 feels so different when the wind is actually hitting you. It's great! But I'm planning on keeping my freeway sojourns limited until I feel more comfortable on the bike.

14 July 2008

I searched for joy, but I bought it all

I got a lovely invitation from a lovely friend for a girls' night spa.

With all the demands you face, it’s important you still carve out time for that special someone in your life called ‘you.’ A BeautiControl Spa Escape is the perfect way to celebrate a happier, healthier, more balanced you.

Unfortunately it appears that the way to a happier, healthier, more-balanced me is to purchase some liquids, powders and nice-smelling things. If I start ranting about the slick marketing of this crap, I'll never stop. Happiness not in a freaking bottle! (Unless that bottle contains Riesling or a nice Rioja house red.) If I did go, it'd be for the fun of hanging out with my girlfriends. Not because I'm on a self-actualization quest and really thought it'd be found in a spa treatment.
I agree that taking time for yourself is very very important: as a slacker, my slackerhood is of utmost priority and I encourage everyone to take time for one's self. But it makes me curious if people really believe that if we do this 'day spa' thingy and buy all the goodies in pretty bottles, then we'll be happy?

11 July 2008

Getting all fan girl

I'm totally digging on John Mayer right now. Meow.

Just thought everyone should know that. I may need intervention. Especially if I start putting up "Tiger Beat" posters of him.


:) LJS

07 July 2008

The night he lost his faith?

I just read an amazing story by an MD. It's very touching, you may want to have some tissues handy.

But let me bring you to his last point:

"There is kindness in this world. There is compassion and decency. In a universe of death and suffering, there are things that make existence worth our while. In the heart of each person there is a penchant to make one's environment a better place. There does not need to be a God if we choose to exercise our proclivity for decency.

If God is nothing more than an intangible concept that motivates our hearts—a synonym for "love" and "kindness"—He is more powerful than I ever imagined as a believer."

See, I'd think that he had just found his faith. What do you think?