21 December 2006


This webcam is from the Nkorho Pan watering hole in Africa. It's a wonderful diversion!

*Addition at 12:30pm*
Sparky, I think I found a couple of cats for you and Mrs. Duck. In all seriousness, I wonder if there is an "adoption" system for game reserves like this one?

20 December 2006

Howie says "Mewwy Christmas"

Mew meww MEOW! Purrrrrrr

The best gifts are unexpected and free-take for instance my ball of furry love. I found him nearly 5 years ago and each day since has been that much better. He is my family. Howie is a Manx and so he's super affectionate and loves to play and is very sensitive to how I feel. He's always there with a head-to-hand if I'm feeling down, and knows the best place to snuggle with me at night.

So, Sparky, Howie and I would like to say to you and Mrs. Duck that we feel your pain. Losing family is so hard, especially when you've loved your cat so much.
It's hard in this time of loss to think of a new pet, but Howie and I hope that you open your heart and home to another cat. There's a lost and abandoned cat who is waiting to love you as much as Mrs. Kitty, and would be so happy to be a new part of your family.
:) LJS

16 December 2006

My love won't wait: Smoove LJS makes her debut!

I've been enjoying so very much some old favorites: for the past week I've been listening almost entirely to The Beatles and Elvis. Ya know, back in The Day, Elvis was pretty hot. Hmmm. I thought it'd be fun to write a little love letter using most of the titles from Elvis's 30 #1 hits. Many kudos to those who can find them! Guess the number in the comments!

My darling, are you lonesome tonight? If so, then surrender to my call. It's now or never, I can never hear your voice too much. Don't be cruel, my dear. Don't. Since I've met you, that one night, I've been your teddy bear. What else can I say? I'm stuck on you-your keychain is my favorite good luck charm. I still can't help falling in love with you, and I often think of the wonder of you. My heart and soul is on fire-for only you, I am a big hunk of love.
My friends have told me that you have moved on-they say "his latest flame (Marie's the name) is very sweet". And I am all shook up over the news my love because I know that she's not you. With one word you sent me to Heartbreak Hotel, and discarded me like an old hound dog. Deep, way down, I know that you are the devil in disguise but you reach my wooden heart like nobody else can. Come back to me, babe, and I will treat you right. Let Smoove LJS ease our suspicious minds, I will prepare you a feast of chicken wings and potato skins just how you like it. A fool such as I may be known as a hard headed woman, but I will acquiesce your every whim. I know that you love me tender, but my whole being desires your burning love, together we can do the jailhouse rock all night long.
Well, my darling, I guess that I should close this letter. I know that you always like a little less conversation-preferring to speak the language of love in kisses and caresses. Please don't write "return to sender" on this letter, I am waiting for you to knock on my door. I am a crazy fool-crazy in love for you.

Your Smoove LJS

14 December 2006

"Not from this"

I'd like to give a shout out to my friend D, who recently had her 3rd chemo treatment in her quest to kill breast cancer. I admire her tenacity, optimism and her thoughtfulness, and she totally rocks the hat and/or scarf. She told me that her niece asked her if she was going to die, and she had said "not from this". I know that she will prevail.
So, in this holiday season, it's hard for me to remember amongst the shiny ribbons, and DVD's of "Pride and Prejustice" that the best gift is sharing each day with those you love. But, when I see my friends like D, then remembering becomes that much easier.

And Mamma Ber is one day closer to her little ones. Yippee!
:) LJS

09 December 2006

Summertime songs

A bit ago, Hyperion posted his favorite songs with the word "summer" in the title. Me thinks he forgot a couple, and since people enjoy Christmas in July...how about a little July at Christmas?
:) Chow, LJS

11. "Summertime Rolls" by Jane's Addiction
Jane's album, "Nothing's Shocking", was more brilliant, more punk, more "everything" than anything I'd ever heard up to that point. From "Thank you boys" to "Up the beach", the whole album rocked. And, this was/is my favorite song from the album.

"There was so much space
I cut me a piece
With some fine wine
It brought peace to my mind
In the summertime...
And it rolled"

12. "Summer skin" by Death Cab for Cutie
DCFC became really popular after the "OC". I bought their album "Plans". Again, another great full album. I like how the album is full of very somber lyrics juxtaposed to pop-y catchy melodies. Their song, "Summer skin" is one of their best-recalling the end of a summer time romance.

"And I knew your heart I couldn't win
Cause the seasons change was a conduit
And we left our love in our summer skin"

Lucky Number 13. "Summer's Killing Us" by The Tragically Hip
The Tragically Hip are the latest addition to my iTUNES, and I think they are Canada's little gem and defintely belong in the ranks of great Canadian musicians such as BNL and Sarah. I like how the song makes fun of summer.

Where summer's killing us!
Where we sing sing sing all day
It's as if summer just exists in her praises

Summer exists in a doorway
Summer exists at the fair
Summer is forever changes
Summer's taking me unawares"

Hypey missed the Summer movement in The Four Seasons and Summer '68 by Pink Floyd from their Atom Heart Mother album, and a couple of Frank Sinatra tunes ("The Summer Wind" and "The Things We Did Last Summer") but that's all good. The boy's is in a car piloted by a lass named Jane, headed toward the great unknown. Happy Trails. :)

When all is right with the world and we let the heavens sing to us, we gently close our eyes to let our soul revel in divine respite. Good night, my sunshine. Je t'aime.

07 December 2006


I thought today was going to be sooo not good-you know, one of those days where you should just crawl back into bed and stay there. I had spilled OJ all over my kitchen floor, burned my finger on my milk steamer, and tripped all over my self.
But, I got to work and got a present that I cannot discuss in public but just know that it's rated G. And I took data-good data!
I rock, oh yes! Doing the happy dance!

Please. Cover. Your. Things.

Er, no. This is not an open letter to La Spears, although recent events certainly merit a discussion on the pros and cons of undergarments.

This is an open letter, nay, a plea to you parents who think that kids do not need hat, scarves or gloves when it's 22F (-5C), and the wind chill makes it feel like 7F (-12C).


So it's very very cold this morning, wind blowing. I'm freezing cold, and I'm all bundled up in buttoned coat, hat, gloves, scarf. I pass by two "mommies" with very many children.
None (NONE!) of their kiddos had on hat or scarf, and their jackets were left open. I was in total horror-what an oversight and I was really concerned how cold the kids looked.
Did these ladies know better? I really did wonder. So, in pirate form, I muttered "hat?...scarf?" and continued skulking about. I doubt they heard me, but it made me feel better that I did say something.

So...comment y'all. Was I inappropriate?
(9 Dec 06-thanks to Mad Sweeney for making me realize that the connotation of some of my phrases and/or words was...inappropriate, at best. Edits have been made!)

04 December 2006

International Pussy of Mystery

Heh. Sometimes I'm not above creating sensational titles on my blog entries in a desperate attempt to attract more readers.
But, I'm actually talking about Howie Katt-who will be travelling with me during the holidays. Ohhhh the lil critter so does not like the car but I think that once he settles in, he'll be just fine. We'll be trekking up to the Great White North too, so he'll be officially more well-travelled than most 'Mericans. Not that there's anything wrong with a bit o' xenophobia.

I'm trying to become more "involved" in local politics, and thinking that the combination of my super smarts and super slackerhood will be a killer 1-2 punch (the effect from all my push-up bras makes for a nice 3-4 encore..heh.). They'll never know what hit 'em. Muahahahahahah. I look at it as a modest first step to world domination. Joking aside, I am taking the position seriously and the fact that I'll need to step up to the plate and hit a 1-3 minute *speech* is making me nervous. Maybe I should quote Aeschylus? Maybe I'm doing this because I see a lack of civility in politics, that our leaders are worse slackers that I am, that maybe I can make a difference through kindness and understanding and competence. So, I'm preparing an email letter to send out to the folks who will elect the officers. Eeek.

:) LJS

New! The LJS Webcam!

We here at LJS central want to continually provide you, my reader, the best view of a Michigan winter. Michigan's winter skies are world renowned, so here...check it out!

(this image will refresh in about 4 months)

:) LJS

02 December 2006

Back in the saddle

My motorized pirate ship is in the shop of "still don't own one", so I usually skulk around town on a bicycle or use the public bus. It has been two weeks since I've been on my bike and today marked the first time I got back on the proverbial saddle.
I sure picked a fine day too: cold, windy, and slightly forebearing skies. I guess that's actually "good" for a Michigan December. But my early morning yoga class beckoned, and I hopped on my bike after putting on several layers and looking something like Randy from "A Christmas Story".
I'm geeked about the fact that I can still ride my bike in December, but it was really windy and I wasn't sure if it was me peddling or the wind blowing me that caused me to magically appear in downtown. But, it's all good!
Tommorow is the annual "Ber and LJS Cookie Making Day"-a veritable marathon of sugar induced cookie-making madness. Nine types of cookies (plus bourbon balls) and two gals in their jammies. Let's see: Oatmeal Raisin/Oatmeal Butterscotch, Molasses, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Crinkles, Snickerdoodles, Russian Tea Cakes...ad infinitum. Ohhh yeah! I'm very much looking forward to tommorow!

And, now I'm going to marinate in the awesomeness that is "Firefly".
:) LJS

01 December 2006


Lest you, dear reader, think I've lost my edge...and excellent taste in humor...I present to you my new favorite ad for Viagra.