26 October 2009

Leaving Keats

I swear, it's only a scratchy sore throat. I do not get sick.

Back from Louisville, KY. It's amazing how quickly a week passes when I'm having a good time and talking about my work and learning about other people's work. I am exactly where I belong. More details to follow.

One motivation for longevity is to see karma finally bite some people in the ass. Hard. So I run and I run some more. Because one day I'll be older but you'll be old.

I have no desire to write poems anymore. Maybe that's a good sign. Maybe it means I'm no longer in a place where the only thing I could do was retreat inside my sadness and hope that my pen could keep up. One day I wake up and realize it's been 5 years. That was when I last thought I couldn't make it through one more morning. I still don't know how I got through it. But I did, and now I still have my sadness to keep me company but it's tempered with many happy memories. Maybe I'll write a nice long post about it and delete it before publishing it. Kind of Zen huh?

:) LJS

01 October 2009

Vegetative state

Well well well. I learn something new everyday.

For example, I only just realized that today is World Vegetarian Day. Very cool! A day to celebrate vegetarians and encourage folks to enjoy the delicious natural foods that are vegetables. I grew up thinking that vegetables consisted of corn, lettuce, tomatoes and this omnipresent evil brussel sprout. Now, looking back, I can only wonder "What was I thinking"?!??

Vegetables are great! Thanks to my wonderful husband, I've tried (and really liked!) all sorts of new veggies. Artichokes, avocado, radishes, beets, fennel, parsnips, squash, zucchini and even brussel sprouts. All of them so delicious.

So Happy Vegetarian Day for all my favorite herbivores!!! In honor of today, let's dedicate ourselves to trying a new vegetable or fruit each week for the rest of the month. We'll be delightfully surprised!

:) LJS