25 July 2007

Kinky Jane is retired...so is Spunky Dick

Heh. Clean your minds. If you all remember, last year I had a "name my running shoes" contest (11 April 2006). Since I had two new pairs, it was double the fun! I wound up naming my shoes
Kevin Bacon (thanks Hypey)
Spunky Dick and Kinky Jane

These shoes are now retired. Poor things. They logged many hundred miles (yay) and were starting to disintegrate (boo). So. New shoes time. They are great so far, I'm breaking them in. This year I have (again) two pairs, Saucony Omni 6 and Brooks Dyad 4.

Sooooo...help me name my shoes again. I do have door prizes this year!

Oh Hai

There are a few new things here in my den, I hope that you will hang out with my Ka-tet.

Ever since Kukka-Maria retired from blogging, I've been awash in sorrow. What was I going to do without looking at a cat-blog everyday? Well, I have found cheezburger, and added him to the Ka-tet. The LOLCAT phenomenon is something that you either love or hate. I totally dig it- especially the Oh Hai.

Next up, is Dragon's Kitchen. She has plenty of delicious recipes to bring more sunshine into your summer. Try the Killer Mac-n-cheese!

And if you need a reason (besides sunshine, beautiful weather, lovely flowers and great running) to celebrate a day, check out International ____ Day. Today is Julistmas, but check out July 28th.

20 July 2007

Good night, Travis

Why hasn't anyone reminded me how freakin' awesomeness that is Travis? I'm digging the podcast of "All Songs Considered", NOT for Bob's weird taste in music (exhibit A-Laurie Anderson) but more for the live concerts. So far, I have OK Go, Ben Gibbard, The National and now Travis in concert. Yay.
I'm very excited to be getting Harry Potter tomorrow, but I'm conflicted because I have so much work to do! I know if I get the book, then I'll read it non-stop and forgo things like eating, sleeping, working, running, bathing. Ahhh, nothing like obsession eh?

17 July 2007

Gone Postal, I have

Yeah, I'm a sucker for sweet romance. Thankfully, there's The Postal Service-side project of Ben Gibbard. Imagine your honey singing this to you...

"Brand New Colony"

I'll be the grapes fermented,
Bottled and served with the table set in my finest suit
Like a perfect gentlemen
I'll be the fire escape that's bolted to the ancient brick
Where you will sit and contemplate your day

I'll be the waterwings that save you if you start drowning
In an open tab when your judgment's on the brink
I'll be the phonograph that plays your favorite
Albums back as you're lying there drifting off to sleep...
I'll be the platform shoes and undo what heredity's done to you...
You won't have to strain to look into my eyes
I'll be your winter coat buttoned and zipped straight to the throat
With the collar up so you won't catch a cold

I want to take you far from the cynics in this town
And kiss you on the mouth
We'll cut our bodies free from the tethers of this scene,
Start a brand new colony
Where everything will change,
We'll give ourselves new names (identities erased)
The sun will heat the grounds
Under our bare feet in this brand new colony
Everything will change, oOo oOo.

16 July 2007


My respect for "All Songs Considered" is wavering with Bob's glowing review of Laurie Anderson's weird album.

Why do people use so much paper towels when drying hands?

I think that I'm getting *too* old for Cedar Point, my head is still spinning. But I'm totally going back.

My run last night, was totally kick buttocks. I rock, once again. Training for the Detroit half begins in three weeks.

Spy Mommy just doesn't have the same ring as Spy Daddy.

Yeah, maybe that new Smashing Pumpkin's album isn't so bad afterall.

When the family takes a family vacation without you, then there's something up.

OK I'm getting hungry. Dinner!

12 July 2007

Happy Birthday!

It's my beloved's birthday! Yay!