25 March 2008

Guess who's coming to dinner?

"Please be advised that we will be able to issue your visa."

The best thing I've heard in two and half months.


OK, so there goes the Cleveland

In my best Stewie voice, I've been cursing my left knee. Daaaaaammmm you kneee! What's wrong? It's freaking sore as heck. Here, let me bore you with my symptoms.

My posterior medial knee are is sore and is sore to the touch. My front shin, closer to my patella, rather than my ankle is also sore. It hurts the back of my left knee to sit in virasana. (btw, awesome legwarmers eh?) And I can't stretch the leg out without it feeling tight and sore. I stopped running because it hurts too much during and after the run. (I can just feel the pounds creep on) I stopped training for Cleveland and I doubt I'll be well enough for the Martian half. Daaaaaaaammm.
I've been doing R.I.C.E. for treatment, and have myriad doctor's appointments. Hopefully I can salvage my knee in time for the Dexter-Ann Arbor. Until then...active rest will commence. Walking home, looking like a fool on the elliptical, and getting my bicycle ready for riding. These should keep me, at least, somewhat in shape until this thing gets better.
But, hey, Detroit is *only* 7 months away. And, I hate training in the summer but I want to run a marathon this year. I'll have plenty of time to train for Detroit. This time, I'll be more diligent about maintaining a weekly base mileage of 15-20 miles/week. I think I did too much, too fast-on a stupid track, nonetheless.

Not everyone can win, but everyone can be consistent.

19 March 2008

Houston, we are a go for 26.2?

I've been a marathon training! With the usual quirks and quarks of my age-d legs. I've been fighting off/waiting off a tight ligament behind my left knee. I reduced my miles and have been diligent with stretching and taking it easy. I'm a week behind on my training.
Last week's long run of 10 miles was good, my knee didn't bother me until nearly the end. This week I'm scheduled for 16. I keep on telling myself "ok, if this week's long run goes well, then I'll register for the Cleveland marathon". My 15 mile run was miserable, but Montreal's shitty sidewalks may have had something to do with that. This week will mark my return to "insanely long long runs" and I'll probably run over 3 hours.
Maybe now I'll be serious about it. If this week's long run goes well....

So this is my ambitious spring schedule of races.

April 6-Martian Invasion of Races (half)
May 18-Cleveland Marathon (full!?!)
June 1-Dexter-Ann Arbor (half)

Wish me luck! (and happy knees!)

Goodbye, Suburbia

I used to live in suburbia. Pleasant, yet. Monochromatic? Mostly, unfortunately, yes. Boring as all get out? OMG, yes. It didn't help that the 'burb was isolated and getting to a half-way decent store meant a 15-20 minute car drive. What WAS very nice, though, were my long runs because the country roads were long and winding and isolated. Me and my roads.
Anyway, now I've grown up (sort of) and moved closer to the city. Closer to downtown, shops, work etc. My poor car is relegated to "recreational vehicle" status.
It is interesting, too, to see that lately a financial impetus has arisen for people to get out of their single-family bubbles. An idea to share a home with people(s) actually makes financial sense, especially for these really large McMansions where...really...do you, your spouse, 1.5 kids and 3 cats really need 5000 square feet??
Think about it.

18 March 2008

The key word today is: sarcasm

Item #1: No, really, it is not a political statement when Michigan "What's a CAFE standard?" Democrats, full of moral and honest and intelligent folks, attracts a Wyoming "Cow, it's what for breakfast, lunch and dinner!" Democrat for its big yearly fundraiser.

Item #2: What do you do when your stock has lost over 20% valuation in less than 6 months? Write an awesome new theme song!

Item #3: I love me some snow. Snow snow snow!

Item #4: In a time of failing economies, poor health care, two wars and a still unsecure border, I am comforted to know that America's fascination with politicians' sex lives is negligible.