21 May 2008

Oh I'm sorry, you're not satisfied? TFB

An interesting article in Slate where the idea of over-prescribing antibiotics is discussed from an ER doctor's perspective. What I though the most screwed up was that the doctor was considering patient satisfaction as a criterion for prescribing an antibiotic.
Satisfaction. Hmmmm. Interesting.

Think about this. Doctors worry if their patient is satisfied with their experience. And they (in part) base their prescribing behavior on their perceptions of patient expectation and making the patient happy. Am I the only one who thinks this is messed up?

How about doctors worry about healing patients first? I don't recall the Hippocratic oath mentioning satisfying patients. Aren't doctors supposed to know what is best for patients afterall? Personally, if you were my patient and you got pissed after I told you that no medicine was necessary...I'd kick your scrawy, whiny butt out of my office...and charge you double for the visit.

Thank goodness I'm not an MD eh?

13 May 2008

Into the wild

Yesterday I saw a guy in my yoga class with a “Torres del Paine” t-shirt, and it got my traveler instincts going. The Paine Circuit is one of my ‘dream’ places to trek; a place I’ve promised to myself if I should ever graduate. (Not that I dislike school, I really enjoy it, but I’ve been at this a while and it’d be nice to realize that, after 28 years’ school, I’d be done with a capital D)

And I got thinking (again). What drives us to travel? What drives someone like Chris McCandless to just…go? What keeps me from not just…going? Going out the door, past school, out of the state…with no rhyme, reason, ideology or agenda. Finding what you find. I’ve thought about this often, and I’m tired of being an armchair traveler. Reading about beautiful places, instead of seeing the beauty within arms reach. Why does intrepid necessarily follow travel? Why does a ‘fourteener’ inspire more awe than a wild local orchid? Is the concept of appreciating beauty learned or is it innate?

Who knows? I surely don’t. But I’m not content to watch the nature channel to find out. My summer plans are ambitious, the travel extensive. I don’t know if there’ll be anyone around to keep up. But, if you’re interested in walking up Mt. Washington, biking Mackinac island and walking part of the AT…then I’m you gal.

11 May 2008

Another book chapter, another beta

{sigh} I have such a tough time with opening sentences. But, isn't this one a doozy? :) LJS

"Raman spectroscopy of inorganic materials is a growing field, with a long and sordid history comparing only to the multi-year reign of daytime television's “Young and the Restless” in terms of drama and name-calling."

(Of course, it's not true. But, it does make my topic sound more interesting. And! it's my beta version.)