29 January 2008

Love thy crittars!

Reading this story made me really sad, and angry. Why do people abandon their pets when their homes are foreclosed? There's no excuse to treat a pet like that.
I'm going home to hug my critter.

10 January 2008

It's all about Kerry

Sometimes an endorsement is not an endorsement.

Why do pundits call Hillary Clinton "Mrs. Clinton" instead of "Senator Clinton" (which they do for Obama, Dodd, Gravel, Biden...heck, even Edwards)? It is subtle, but it does make a difference.

09 January 2008

Auction me

I got an email from UM's athletic department, telling me that it's my LAST CHANCE TO BID on this original coin. So, I was curious and checked it out...because doesn't everyone want to have a original coin used at the UM-OSU football game? Geez, the coin has so much history afterall. It's the famous 2007 UM-OSU battle, in which Lloyd Carr blows our chances at a Big 10 title for the last time. And the money is going to charity. (Unfortunately it's not the "help dig LJS from the abyss of student loan debt" endowment.)

I figured that UM isn't sucking as much money from me as it possibly could YET so...why not eh?

Then I saw the price on the bid. (no I'm not going to tell you because you won't believe me, this is something you need to see with your own eyes)

Words utterly escape me. Although there's a whole bunch of "wtf" going on. Have we really become a society dominated by sports fanatics, greedy administrators, manipulative marketeers, and materialistic people who use the whitewash of "charity donations" to enable superfluous purchases?? And the thing that pisses me off the most about this is that they have the gall to send this spam to students, most of whom are insanely in debt from student loans because this is one of the most expensive public universities to attend.

More later, and there will be squirrels.