29 January 2007

Nerd crush alert is at "red"

Oh. my. goodness. Four hours devoted to the Supreme Court justices!?! YES! I wonder how much time they'll devote to my uber nerd crush, John Roberts.
I can't wait until this series comes out on DVD. Yum.

28 January 2007


I thought about this on my long run yesterday, the idea of committing to doing something. My mom used to (and probably still does) say that "don't do it half-assed", and I think that the work ethic stuck with me. I try not to commit to anything, be it work or leisure, if I can't do it whole-heartedly. I'm sure that most of y'all are like that too.
So, it grinds my teeth to no end to hear people saying that other commitments prevent you from doing something you said you'd do. In other words, your commitments are preventing you from following up your commitment. Sounds rather mental eh?
From M.D.'s to No D's, I've heard the reason/excuse of "I'm so busy" in regards to why they are shirking their duties in other arenas. Honestly, I don't give a damn how busy you are. You promised or committed yourself to do something and you should a) follow up on your promise or b) be man/woman enough to say "I'm sorry, I can't do it". Even if that commitment is something as inane as posting on a community blog, it's still a commitment.
Yeah, it may be *just* a blog and maybe I'm taking it way too seriously, but when I was asked to be on the Barn, I said "yes" because I knew that it'd be fun and that I would do my best to play by Hypey's rules.

26 January 2007

Ere, I saw Elba

I'm really REALLY happy to see that Hyperion is mostly back from exile, although now this means I'll have to stop slacking from the Monkey Barn. As always, Hypey's exploits are great reading...check out his glorious return to cyberspace and see why he loves Yoga Booty.
Seriously though, go and visit Hyperion and throw the lad some beef jerky please. It'll brighten his day. There's an address too if you are inclined to send him a postcard.

Reverse jet lag sucks. It's 12:21 am and so. not. tired. But it's great to be home, my throat and eyes are happier and believe it or not...I missed the cold grey Michigan winter.
There's no place like home, and I'm glad to see Hypey's home (of sorts) and I'm happy to be home.

25 January 2007

Third Thursday

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that I loved doing as a kid (ages 2-10), in no particular order.

13. Staying up and giggling with my sister in bed
6. Play at my gramma's by the lake
9. Hanging out with my cousin and my sister on Saturday night while my parents bowled
12. Being smarter than all the other kids. As a nerd, it was all that I had going for me.
2. Playing all day, every day in the summer
7. Seeing things for the first time
11. Visiting my grandparents-even though my gramma made me eat liver and cut my bangs way too short, they made the visits fun and special
4. Riding on my yellow banana bike
1. Toys! My favorite were my Pink Panther doll, Chutes and Ladders, and Hungry Hungry Hippo
10. Helping my dad with what he had brought back from hunting
3. Dressing up for Halloween and getting all that candy, candy candy
5. Believing in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy
8. Going to the park and playing on the curly slide

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24 January 2007

San Jose Rumblings

I'm a' world travelling. This week brings me to warm (but not sunny because of all the smog. er, I mean haze. Er, I mean lung-hacking enhancing aerosol.) San Jose. I'm sooo not complaining, because folks...I've been to Xian China and there the smog is so dense that one cannot see 20 meters beyond you. Needless to say, the citizens of Xian single-handedly support the throat lozenge business. People who dissed the Kyoto accord should be forced to see the effects of rampant industrial pollution on people. It's not good, and this lil piratess wonders if the world would be better is she just took over as Supreme Tsarina in the Name of Hyperion the Conqueror.
Anyhoo...back to San Jose. Running is great b/c of the weather, I'm about to go grab a few miles before din-din. I've met some real kick ass people here, and the environment (well, what's left of it anyway) is great for business and building a company. Lots of excitement and money and ambition. The world is my oyster here in San Jose, too bad it's so damn smoggy.

22 January 2007

Black Math

Warning: Contains Pirate Language not suitable for wee pirates.

Girl, you have no faith in medicine.

Nor should you...

18 January 2007

Thursday Thirteen!

Thursday Thirteen, Thirteen Miles

It’s not a half marathon. It’s a 13.1 mile journey that will lead you to the promised land of high endorphin levels, free Whole Foods two bite brownies at the finish, accomplishment, and insane joy. The many months of hard work is about to pay off, and you'll pleasantly surprise yourself if you just let it happen. If you’re crazy enough to try running a half, this may either encourage you or scare you off. Like I said, depends on your level of crazy.

Mile 1: And we’re off! Ladies and gents, this is the first segment of I take this mile really slowly, or at least I try to, because a) I want to savor this first mile and b) I don’t want to start off too quickly.
Mile 2: The course takes us past the old Tiger Stadium, and into Mexicantown. The aroma of freshly baked tortillas has tempted me to stop both years. Yum! The music is lively and I’m getting ready for the Bridge.
Mile 3: This is the mile where I huff and puff my way to the top of Ambassador Bridge. The effort is well worth it: seeing beautiful Windsor and downtown Detroit at sunrise from the bridge is awesome.
Mile 4: The LJS that runs up is the LJS that runs down. The downhill part of the bridge into Canada, and I waved hi to my Canadian. Welcome to Canada, eh!
Mile 5: Under the bridge and into Windsor…the merry runners run! This is a pretty boring mile, in terms of scenery and how I feel.
Mile 6: It’s time for GU! There are lots of folks outside cheering us on, and we run along a beautiful riverside park. Hello to the Windsor Marching Band!
Mile 7: We head towards the tunnel, and there’s a rest station in front of a Tim Hortons. This is very tempting. Right now I’m very positive that a double chocolate donut would do wonders for my time.
Mile 8: The underwater mile! It’s the only major marathon that has an underwater mile, and wow! There is no headwind. I start preparing mentally for miles 9-11, because they are rough on the grey matter and the gams.
Mile 9: Welcome back to Detroit. Yes, you’ll be safe. No, you shouldn’t wear a St. Louis Cardinals t-shirt. We run past Cobo Hall, and Joe Louis Arena. The headwind that we didn’t have in the tunnel comes back with a vengeance.
Mile 10: This is the mile that I spent 6 months training for. It’s really really dull here-there’s nobody there cheering you on, the crowd has spread out. That darned wind! This is the turning point for me where I go from enjoyment to survival. Mentally, I can finish the full marathon! But, my quads doth protest. This mile marks the longest Gurjit ran up to the race.
Mile 11: We’re getting closer to Tiger Stadium, ready to head back to Ford Field. I can SEE Ford Field. I pull together all of my confidence, concentration, and craziness to keep on running. My ego tells me that I cannot walk, and my stupid legs listen. The ROTC boys give me some Gatorade and a Jolly Rancher. Food candy and eye candy? Yes please, I’ll have another.
Mile 12: I’m wondering if that burning tingle in my legs will be the last thing I ever feel before I pass into a Jolly Rancher-induced coma. I know that I’m almost done; I have just one point one more miles to go. I hold on, trying to save energy for the sprint toward the finish. My mantra? “I am a bad-ass. I am hard-core. I rock.” No…seriously. It is.
Mile 13. Yeah. Literally, it’s all downhill from here. The final sprint into the stadium, down the tunnel and into Ford Field makes everything pass by in a blur. The finish is on the 50-yard line; our heart, our soul, our drained bodies embed into the fake grass. I do believe that Ber and I melted into the end zone after we finished, and Gurjit and I were able to watch the women’s marathon winners come in.

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15 January 2007

Animation, suspended

We had a wicked ice storm last night and a branch fell off near my place. Nice chance for photos, and I'm thankful that the branch didn't fall into my window. Enjoy! :) LJS

13 January 2007

This lil piggie

Some wonderful folks, like Biff Spiffy and Tiff (hey..that rhymes...how cute!) are working really hard to get into better shape. Head on over to their chronicles and give them lots of support please! They are inspiring (and perspiring!); after reading their stories, I thought alot last night about my fitness-related 2007 goals. So...here they are.

1. Last year I ran 584 miles...nearly enough to see Francis. My first goal is to increase the number to yearly miles by 20%, so my goal miles for 2007 is 700. Last January, my monthly total was pathetic...~23 miles. I'm already on track to double that.

2. There is a hill in the Arb that is steep and long and I hate it (Tiff you may remember it? The one off of Geddes.). My second goal for 2007 is to LOVE that hill. So that means lots of hill repeats.

3. A spring half marathon: maybe the Martian Marathon half or the Ann Arbor Dexter half.

4. A fall half marathon (or full!?): the Detroit Marathon is very enjoyable.

12 January 2007

The post where I contemplate Oprah's soul

My skepticism when it comes to mainstream anything has reached an all-time high.
My tasty lunch includes some yogurt which has the "approved BESTLIFE" label emblazoned on its front. So, I was curious..what is this BESTLIFE that my yogurt knows about? Are the little yeasties having a ball in the jar? Are they have a ball in my tummy? What is their little secret...to the BEST LIFE? I must know! Easily enough, there is a webpage where I can go to and find out.
Although I have very little experience with yeast, I'm pretty positive that yeasties do not look like Oprah and Bill Greene. But their warm, smiling faces greeted me and invited me to be "Free to work out, free to eat responsibly, free to live the life you want and deserve to live."
Hey, not a bad idea. I'm all for that! And it's awesome that Oprah is reaching out in this way and encouraging folks to embrace this philosophy.
What I do have issues with is...that this whole "BESTLIFE" branding obscures the goal. And it seems more like a marketing ploy, and less like an sincere effort when you've got Hellmann's mayo giving you recipes on the home page. Is a yogurt less nutritious or satisfying if it doesn't have the warm and welcoming "approved BESTLIFE" emblem?
Maybe it's just easier to imagine the little yeasties having a ball in my tummy. All this branding stuff is just way to hard for this little pirate to process.

11 January 2007

Thursday 13-my first

Thirteen Things that Lady Jane Scarlett enjoys on a daily basis

1. Waking up by Francis calling me (although in person is way better)
2. Making fresh coffee in the morning
3. Having breakfast at home
4. Listening to "The Environment Report" on NPR
5. Getting some fresh air on the way to school
6. Blog stalking the pirate galley
7. Chatting with Francis throughout the day, and Tina if she's around
8. Playing with Howie Katt when I come home from school
9. Leisurely making dinner
10. Listening to the evening NPR shows: "The World", "News and Notes" and "On Point"
11. Talking on the phone with loved ones
12. Reading and settling into bed
13. Dozing off with Howie Katt snuggled into my shoulder (when I'm with Francis, then I enjoy snuggling with him)

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10 January 2007

Ms. Bean

Like every morning, I pay homage to the great bean of coffee and I really liked this article that dreams of all that may be in the future of coffee brewing. I have two choices chez Scarlett...french press brewed coffee or a latte. Either way...it's so yummy. And I love the little cups and the process of making coffee.
I think tonight I'll be experimenting with my latte: Starting with the yummiest Decaf coffee ever (hey, even pirates need to sleep!) and topping off with steamed milk flavored with Kaluha.
Sounds yummy huh? A Kaluha latte! I'll let you know how it turns out.
:) LJS

PS...I'm LOVING my iPOD!

07 January 2007

Cast those pods like the spawn of satan

I have discovered a nifty perk of being podded. PODCASTS! I found a runner's podcast and he talks about the insanity of long-distance runners, training, and getting over the "wall". For anyone interested, it's the Phedippidations podcast. Right now, I'm listening to the "cold weather running" podcast-because let me tell y'all...running when it's 20F kinda sucks. Even though I do warm up while running, I feel a bit like that kid from "A Christmas Story" in the winter, but I love it. Layering up in the cold means:
2 pairs of pants
3-4 shirts: 1-2 undershirts, lined long jacket, fleece vest
1 wool hat, with ear thingys
warm socks
fleece buff

It'll be fun to download these podcasts onto my weeee iPOD and listen to them while I run or toil away at my thesis.
:) LJS

05 January 2007

In one word...answer

1. Where is your cell phone? Counter

2. Your spouse? Errrr...

3. Your hair? Tousled

4. Your mother? At home

5. Your father? Workin

6. Your favorite thing? Bicycle

7. Your dream last night? Dinosaurs

8. Your favorite drink? Tea

9. Your dream car? Mustang

10. The room you are in? Living

11. Your ex? Why?

12. Your fear? Being alone, eating, and choking to my death on a bagel. My neighbours would find my body days later and poor Howie Katt would need to munch on me to avoid starving to death. (yeah, so not one word...but..)

13. What do you want to be in 10 years? (with) Francis

14. Who did you hang out with last night? Howie

15. What you’re not? racist

16. Muffins? Blueberry

17. One of your wish list items? Greenhouse

18. Your dinner tonight? Leftovers

19. The last thing you ate? Tortilla cassarole

20. What are you wearing? Jammies

21. Your tv? Evil

22. Your pet? Loved

23. Your computer? Laptop

24. Your life? Great

25. Your mood? Tired

26. Your holidays? LOVELY

27. What are you thinking about right now? my sunshine

28. Your car? non-existent

29. Your work? s'okay

30. Summer? Awesome

31. Your relationship status? In love and committed

32. Your dream vacation? Kili

33. When is the last time you laughed? Morning

34. Last time you cried? Tuesday

35. School? Michigan!

You're tagged if you read this! :) LJS

Frontier land

What is the fascination with American writers and the great frontier? I know that exploration, frontier (both internal and land-wise) and "road trips" are one of the great motifs of American writing. But I've never realized that it's really cool how it can mean two very different things until recently. Us 'Mericans have a love affair with our land, and it is fascinating.
I'm reading "On the road" and "Little house on the prairie", and it's all sorts of interesting to see a) how they travelled around and b) what the travels mean to the people. Despite the random and chaotic writing of Kerouac, that can get kind of annoying, I get a real sense of restlessness and how one can become addicted to the thrill of exploring-even if one has travelled that same road many times previously. I'm in the part where Sal and Dean-the Beatific-are making their mad dash to the East Coast. Will they make it to Italy? I can't wait to find out. Their ragged travels are speckled with unsavory characters that were beautiful in all their flawed glory. Why is it that, in our romanticism of the Golden Age of the 1950's, we ignore that yes there was lots of drugs sex jazz and wildness? It wasn't all "Ozzie and Harriett".
And, it's such a pleasure to read "Little house on the prairie" again as a "grownup". I have a deepened respect for those families who uprooted their lives, their safety to make a new home in the Frontier. (Please, lets not discuss here how the frontier was taken from the Indians and lets save it for another time) Pa and Ma Ingalls-man! They were self-subsistent, and it's really neat to see how they can and did do everything for themselves. From making a house to making cheese to mending clothes and knitting Christmas gloves-these people did alot of hard work. But they did it as free people and I imagine that their work was satisfying because it was for themselves.

Also, I'm recommending "Love is Hell" from Ryan Adams-great music, achingly beautiful lyrics.

:) LJS

04 January 2007

I'm Podded

Today was my first day as a pod person, and I entered into the lifestyle knowing full damn well that it would mark a long deep downward spiral into solipsism. I used to scoff those bright white cords coming out of people ears, I used to think that they were becoming the Borg...or worse, zombies. I used to think that the "i POD of isolation" is not good for society as a whole because it discourages social interaction and undermines the ability to try new things. In some respects, I still hold these tenets, and they will keep my podding in check. But let me tell y'all...when the sun is shining bright on a Michigan morning and you've got "A day in the life" hummin in your ears...that's pretty awesome.

If I start "urrrrrrrr" ing...please take away the pod.

Thanks to the Pork Chop Express for the image!

03 January 2007

New Photos

I'm sooo back, and I've even uploaded photos from Christmas! Commenting on the pictures is still forthcoming, but I hope you enjoyed your holidays as much as I did. I also updated the Howie Katt set, and put the photos from Mexico, Florida and the botanical gardens under one set.
:) LJS

Adulation of the Feline Critter

Howie is threatening to take over the Den! He says that I don't have enough time to "properly blog" and he can fit blogging into his busy schedule of sleeping 17 hours a day and spending the other 7 meowing to go outside, or eating, or chasing after the mysterious red object that Feeder calls a "laser". I told him that I was "on a break" and that I'd be a'bloggin with ferocious regularity in January. So, I'm back-after barely surviving the kitty coup.

But, of course, Howie wanted his fans to see the latest and cutest picture of him.
:) LJS