28 November 2008

Update on Dr. Purr

An update on Dr. Purr

I went to the Ann Arbor Cat Clinic on Monday to pick up a copy of Howie's rabies certificate and was so happy to see Dr. Purr. 
He has gained weight and his coat is shiny and pretty. He has some grey in his fur, so he's probably not just 2 years old. And he is playful! 

This is a nice story of what some good food and love in a safe home can do for a cat. Miracle workers, that clinic. He still needs a home. Maybe if I work on the MAN a bit more, Howie can have a brudder. 

:) LJS

27 November 2008

Lost in Translation

So with all this news lately about pirates, I've decided to give my pirate crew the holidays off. I have complete faith that they will hijack a nuclear submarine, nuke the bastards that are giving us a bad name, and then return all the stolen booty to their original owners. (Including returning the submarine, DESPITE my oft wanderlust about having such a sub in my fleet.) 

That's my crew. Righteous limeys. The Robin Hoods of the open seas. {sniffle} I'm so proud of them. 

In light of my crew's holiday, I've decided to take a break also. No, the break is not from my already sporatic written musings, which may one day be used against me in a court of law. 

Instead, the break is from being shy. I'm about to get all hate-filled Twinkie here on you, dear reader so I will forgive y'all if you decide to stop reading here. (legal notice: the "hate-filled Twinkie" is a registered trademark of KaplyInc...whom I love dearly and fear regularly)

I've noticed that I'm pretty freaking sick and tired of being the evil genius behind the curtain. I'm pretty darn smarht and cute and charming and personal. When those don't work, I can amaze you with the power of a wooden peg leg. Anyhoo, why should I let people speak for me when I know that I can do just as well or even better? 
(Oh sweet Garfield, I'm not about to invoke Hillary am I? Oh yes.)
I fear that I've lost my voice. And by golly, I'm going to find it. Slackers, dissenters, and asshats watch out. Here comes Lady Jane. 

20 November 2008

Something new

Thought it'd be nice to have change here in the Den.
:) LJS

18 November 2008

Anything is a nutritional supplement

This is one for all the chemists out there to enjoy a little chuckle:
"Systematic review of the nutritional supplements dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) in the treatment of osteoarthritis"

LOL. Nutritional Supplements.

01 November 2008


Hey everyone,
I used to think that GOTV was a television station. Heh. It's not. It means 'get out the vote'. In my support of Go-TV, I am letting all of my officers and ship crew off the boat for the whole day.

I would like to encourage everyone to go out and vote on Tuesday. The lines are going to be long, but be prepared! Bring a water, a puzzle and patience.

Wait in line.

Either way you slice it, this year's election is very important. Your vote, your voice, needs to be heard. There are local, state and federal issues that needs your input.

Wait in line.

:) LJS