29 April 2009

Snails Pace

I'm at 78.2 miles this month, with two more runs left. Oh yes. I am getting there, slowly and surely!

Yesterday's run was good. I started off on the hilly part of the 5 mile loop. Why haven't I thought to get rid of the hard part early on when I have more energy? My legs are...sore and tight and unhappy. But bicycling into work today seemed to help a bit.

About this whole Twitter thing. I admit that I've been following Hyperion and Ryan Adams on Twitter. (Hyperion, this is really a compliment to you. You're in the same company as Ryan Adams!) Am I going to Twitter? Uh. No. Probably not, I mean. First of all, it seems crack-a-licious fun to be micro-blogging and I'd be doing it like every two minutes. Which would a) feed my scattered tendencies and b) seriously diminish whatever vestige of productivity I have going on. But it does seem fun.

And, the motorcycles are OUT and working. I am awaiting new handlebars so I can promptly drop the bike and bend a new set. {sigh} REI is having a sale on lightweight camping gear, so I may trek over there and see what they have in preparation for the "Esmonde-White Tour of America" to take place this summer.

OK. Time to finish Chapter 3. Chow!

28 April 2009

A new land distance record?

In order to avoid the wrath of Hyperion's "wit", I decided that I will just write a "bit" a day. Wait. I'm sure I can haiku this sentiment...

Hypey's biting wit
I avoid because I care
Thus I write a bit


Anyhoo. I am loving my outdoor performance gear sunglasses. They are fashionable, lightweight and make me look so darn cute! And, I registered for the Dexter-Ann Arbor half marathon! It will (alas) be my only spring race. But, I do have a budget and I do have summer plans that I must save up for.

This month, so far, I have run 73 miles. This is very close to my record of 78.4 miles in July 2006. I am psyched because I have three more running days left in April and I know that I will make a new record this month. I wasn't even trying to break my distance record. Yay for this new moderate-consistent plan! I am enjoying a longer run mid-week, it makes the Sunday long run feel a bit more within reach.

02 April 2009

On Target

March was a good running month for me! I met my weekly goals for the whole month, 4 days a week and my mileage goals.
My grand total of 62 miles was muchly improved over February.

But, old demons are starting to rear their ugly head. Things like a tight hamstring, tight quads are making me sore. I am hoping that, now I am bicycling to school again, my muscles will start to feel better.

It does look like I will be able to meet my mileage goals. But I fear that my funds are too low to support registering for all of the races I wanted to run in this spring. I need a new pair of OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE GEAR sunglasses, which are a bit pricey. And, I can't have both the sunglasses and four race registrations...I'm too fiscally responsible for that sort of thing.
So...I'm still keeping Cleveland and Dexter-Ann Arbor, the Road Ends is up in the air but the Martian 10K is out.