08 June 2006

Her Blondeness

If it’s not one thing, it’s another eh? As blogger is temporarily on hiatus, I am typing this blog on Word. It is not without a hint of irony that I said I am typing on Word, because it was giving me problems since last Thursday. I would try to open Word, and see…nothing…blankness. But, it would follow shortcut keys and actually open. I thought many things:

1) Oh drat, it’s the end of my productivity

2) A file is corrupted! Auntie Em, Auntie Em!

3) Office had gone beserk, despite the fact that all the other Office applications worked just fine

4) A spyware or virus had eaten Word as a tasty snack

5) By enabling a “feature” to save versions of my documents, I had unleashed the Hounds of Hell and they were attacking Word. Poor helpless little software. {sniff sniff}

So…trying to be e-savvy, I did the following. Reupdated virus definitions and ran Norton several times, bought (ack!) Spybot, uninstalled and reinstalled Office 2003, defragmented my C drive, ran scan disk, and prayed to the all knowing Gatesian god from (longitudinally) above. Alas! None of this worked, although now I must mention how awesomely fast my computer is running. I know that y’all are wondering what caused this problem, and took away many hours of grad student productivity.

The answer is…

My blondeness.

Yeppo. In a blonde moment of epic proportions, I had *forgotten* that I was using two screens when I was visiting Montreal and hence did not revert my laptop back to the single screen. I was using Word on the 2nd screen, and my computer thought that I was still using 2 screens and THAT’s why I wasn’t seeing Word. When I switched back to a single screen mode, Word magically reappeared and all is now right. Egad, that was painful to even write. Damn, I need tequila.

Word out, yo. :) LJS

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Ber said...

Wow. Between you and me, we've had some incredible blonde moments, but that definately raises the bar for my next episode. Thanks, buddy.