17 February 2011


I am coming to the realization that I've been blogging, aka bitching, about alot of things that distress, annoy or piss me off. While that sort of charm only works for some, and beautifully in the rarest breed, it is really not who I am. I am really not doing well for that "look on the bright side of life" goal for February. This is a lesson, indeed.

I do not want to be grumpy old woman, nor do I wish to be a grumpy young woman. These sorts of attitudes manifest over the course of time into a wild, hideous beast that is best kept in the closet. So, perhaps some good news or happy reflections are in order in the Den.

I am planning my first trip to Comet. Two weeks without the goodly goodness of crafted joe is just too long. Hmmm. Perhaps that is contributing to my less-than-stellar attitude.

Anon I go then, to dream perchance.

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