01 May 2006

Orange food bender

Some people have "orange food days", I'm on an orange food bender. Seriously. I made a batch of Dragon's fine carrot soup with orange and tarragon on Saturday. So I am now enjoying the final tasty bits of that for lunch. And, orange candy after the race on Saturday, soup on Saturday, orange juice with breakfast, cheese and crackers for lunch, soup yesterday. I just hope I don't turn orange, like I've had an attack of self-bronzer.
I wonder what a purple food bender would be like. Ideas? And, does red wine count since the grapes were purple at one point??

1 comment:

Dragon said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the soup. I've added your suggestion of ginger as a variation (you're the first one) to the recipe.

Wine definitely counts as purple food. Bottoms up!