18 November 2006

LJS 101

This is post #101, so let's get back to basics. This will be known as the post where I rant and rave and kvetch; trying to make an argument for a simpler world.
Be it known that I'm blogging during the OSU-UM game, so I'll be posting updates. It's a bit after 3:30 right now. Goooooo Blue!

OK. So I got a copy of the latest issue of Yoga Journal-it's the last issue I'll receive in my subscription and I don't think that I'll miss it that much. In terms of guidance, I find that the magazine tries to impress people by using covers of very complex, very difficult asana that are NOT practiced by 99.9% of us yogis, their articles are not very enlightening, and there are too many ads!
I practice yoga in the Iyengar tradition-I find that Mr. Iyengar's approach to yoga appeals to my meticulous nature and when I need guidance on an asana or a bandha, then reading "Light on Yoga" has done more to help me than the magazine. So, because I'm no longer enjoying the magazine I did not renew. It is interesting that on the cover of this month's issue is the following headline: "Simple Living: The secret to being happy".

This headline struck me as...funny. Here is a magazine that, theoretically, espouses yogic principles-including satya (truthfulness). I did not realize that this magazine was entrusted to the magical key to eternal and universal happiness, and that secret can be yours for only $3.99! Not that I disagree with the principle of simple living. I have made an honest effort to live simply this year so I can simply live and I find that it's quite agreeable. I'm also reading "The Te of Piglet"-a lovely book-which is very reaffirming in me trying to see beyond the obvious, to see Things for What They Are.
But I do disagree with a magazine purporting to have the SECRET OF HAPPINESS-it reeks of consumerism, a catchy headline to attract viewers...the phrase "secret of happiness" is to new agey folks what two naked females mud wrestling is to the 18-22 male set. It attracts people-and I question the altruism of the article, and now the journal. There is more than a grain of untruth about their headline, and upon reading past issues, I find that "secret to happiness" is a common theme. In light of this, and other, articles that try to help people find their happiness I wonder...

Why is it that we distrust ourselves so little, and others too much when it comes to our happiness? Are we afraid of what our soul would tell us if we gave it an honest opportunity to talk? Are we afraid...of ourselves?

(Shoot! OSU won the coin toss, but SWEET! we're doing an awesome job on our 1st possession...inches away from the goal line! TOUCHDOWN WOLVERINES!!!)

A big shout-out to Tiff who is working to bring Skinny back. But, there's no bringing Fine Lady back-because she never left. Stop on by Tiff's casa, read her awesome musings, and send her lots of e-lovins.

(Fuck. TD #2 for OSU)


Sparky Duck said...

A great game, though i think a rematch maybe unlikely

tiff said...

Dude - how'd the GAME turn out? :>

Thanks for the shout-out, and for the glimpse into your life. Simple or no, it's fun the get a peek into how you live!

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Yeah, Tiff...we didn't fare so well unfortunately. :(
That's OK, we still had a great season!