06 May 2009

FSM invades your joint

Funny title huh? If you don't know what FSM is by now, check out the pastafarianism here.

I made what I think is my best slide picture ever. EVER! (seriously, it's awesome!) Check it out below! It's a cross-sectional representation of the cartilage/bone interface. The squiggly lines are collagen, the circles are chondrocytes (aka cartilage cells)

But now that I'm looking at it again, it does look like little FSMs are all over.
{sigh} Maybe one of my committee members will get a kick out of making similar interpretation.



Hyperion said...

From Day 1 I always thought the FSM was too facile, to smug and too frat-boy to have any real value beyond the first glance.

You want real satire, simple yet savage, check out my boy Steve Ely. Do a Wikipedia/Google search for Invisible Pink Unicorn.

I like your slide, though. Not counting Sid Bream in '91, perhaps best slide ever?

Hyperion said...

No new posts, so you force me to think up OTHER slides better than yours. Hopefully this will motivate you, if only to stay on the list.

We already said Sid Bream in '91...

Slip 'N' Slide is pretty damn cool.

On M*A*S*H psychiatrist Sydney Freeman used to say, "Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice....pull down your pants and slide on the ice." Hard to top that.

And thought it's not my cup of tea, my brother swears that Nicolas Cage's descent into death (in the movie with Elisabeth Shue that I cannot remember the name of right now) is hauntingly beautiful. LEAVING LAS VEGAS. Is that it? Well, anyway, that would be his slide.

tiff said...

I thought they were the all-seeing sperm of the Apocalypse. Shows how much I know, eh?