08 January 2010


I learned a new skill over the holidays. Well, make that two.

The most important one was how to ski on one's ass. To that end, I am a master. The "mountain"
has bestowed many multicolored symbols of my mastery, known more commonly as bruises.

The one slightly less important, but much more practical, skill is making databases in Access. I wish I had paid attention to other people when they were developing a custom-made database oh so many years ago. So, I taught myself how to do it over break and now I am slightly more skilled than an abecedarian.

If I have not already stressed that Wilco's "Sky Blue Sky" is an awesome album, I must now comment. It improves with increased listening. Your auditory senses will revel in the sweet lyrical riffs and melodic voice of Jeff Tweedy. My crew is really tired of it though, because it's the only thing playing aboard. I fear a mutany. It's a better reason than strawberries, but maybe I'll add a couple of Ryan Adams tunes to assuage their savage souls.
:) LJS

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