08 April 2010

So close to CCC

It's my Den and if I'm phoning in post #299 it's because I do what I darn well please around here and I'm busy planning a big (nay, a HUGE) celebration of posting here three hundred times. I can hear you now asking: "What is on the schedule LJS!?"

Let me tell you!!
A list of my favorite postings, photos of large woolly creatures, an imagined duel between The Terminator and Predator, and a new pair of running shorts (to keep up with all the running I do through Hypey's mind). There will be cheesecake.

So big big plans. Not enough time to blog, unfortunately. I miss being a regular presence in the Den, but I'm (wait) too busy (a minute) being all grown up (shit, this sucks).

:) LJS

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Dragon said...

Happy Birthday to my favourite Pirate!