28 August 2006


I've been having an extremely productive day. For a slacker gal, such as myself, I have a reputation to uphold and I usually don't tell folks that yes I do work. But, today, the work is part of my repetition. I have been getting up from my desk every 3-5 minutes since 10:30 am and I'm getting pretty sick of it, even though the data I'm collecting is totally kick butt! The constant getting up to move samples, take spectra, rinse and repeat has put me in a mindset to think about habits and schedules and the future. Alot of thinking goes on underneath this slacker facade, indeed.

So I've been contemplating my birthday. Since I'm sure that you constant readers will note that I am aging so gracefully in all your comments, I am compelled to preemptively say "thank you". ;)
That's NOT the reason why I'm musing and being all Linus-like about my birthday. Good grief. (Aside-Charles Brown is a great blues musician. Meow.)

There are some people who love their birthdays and are very vocal about wanting to celebrate birthdays. My ex sister-in-law was very much one of those people-she even told me that she thinks her birthday should be a national holiday. She seems to be always disappointed on her birthday because the celebration is never *enough*. Then there's the polar opposite-they hate their birthdays, are very quiet about their birthday, and try their best to not celebrate it.
Me? I LOVE my birthday, and I love it when someone does something nice and thoughtful for me on that day. No great expectations: it doesn't have to be a grand gesture, or something big for it to be memorable. For example, it's nice to get a card from my family or get a phone call from a friend or last year I got a small gift card for Whole Foods that I used for some delicious tea that I enjoyed for several weeks after my birthday. With all the small gestures added up, it's nice to feel like a *superstar* on your special day! :D

Stranded on an island, licking salty peanuts. :) LJS

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