26 July 2007

The First EVA LOLManx


Sparky Duck said...

poor Howie is now being exploited

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Nahhh, he loves all the attention (and extra kitty treats and outdoor time)

Dragon said...

cute little bugger.

Francis said...

Quoth the cat:

"Feeder 1: My demands of unlimited kitty crack have *not* been met.

Furthermore, you have been disturbing my nefarious nocturnal activities with your persistent sleep. I insist that you cease and desist from such lack of activity. To help you on your path to kitty-reverence-recovery, I will proceed to cover the bathroom floor in Kitty Litter. Eventually you will succumb to my efforts, and the bathroom will be mine. If only I had a flag with which to stake my territory...

Let's not get off the point here. I am not amused. There must be *more* lying in the grass, pretending to be terrified of any living creatures larger than a gnat, and *less* of the noisy carpet-sucking device.

That is all. Now go fill my bowl and take yourself for a walk."

That kitty is a real taskmaster.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Francis, I'm so glad that you have taken the task of typing for Howie! He is very excited to see you soon and show you all of his new nocturnal activities!

Hyperion said...

Do you know what the difference is between cats and Democrats?

Actually, I don't. I was hoping you knew.

I CHALLENGE you to come up with a great punchline for that joke and post it here and on Monkey Barn.

This is not a "tag," because I don't believe in shit like that. It is merely a taunt.