19 March 2008

Houston, we are a go for 26.2?

I've been a marathon training! With the usual quirks and quarks of my age-d legs. I've been fighting off/waiting off a tight ligament behind my left knee. I reduced my miles and have been diligent with stretching and taking it easy. I'm a week behind on my training.
Last week's long run of 10 miles was good, my knee didn't bother me until nearly the end. This week I'm scheduled for 16. I keep on telling myself "ok, if this week's long run goes well, then I'll register for the Cleveland marathon". My 15 mile run was miserable, but Montreal's shitty sidewalks may have had something to do with that. This week will mark my return to "insanely long long runs" and I'll probably run over 3 hours.
Maybe now I'll be serious about it. If this week's long run goes well....

So this is my ambitious spring schedule of races.

April 6-Martian Invasion of Races (half)
May 18-Cleveland Marathon (full!?!)
June 1-Dexter-Ann Arbor (half)

Wish me luck! (and happy knees!)

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Dragon said...

Awesome! Good luck! Break a leg! Ummm.....scratch the last one. Happy Knees!!!!