03 June 2008

Fun updates

So it's been a very busy week on the pirate boat of life, with many ups and a few downs. So to begin!
1. I am now a certified (and licensed) biker chick. Now I need to figure out which bike I'll use to cruise up and down the galleys. I'm eyeing Blue Thunder-my husband's bike. I had my first solo ride last night-and for me, exhilarating and nerve wracking. Afterall, how many of us were very confident when we first took a car out? I really enjoy riding so I want to practice as much as possible on back roads. My husband, when he watched me leave, felt really happy that now I'm also riding but sad because now he'll have to share the bike. LOL.
2. I'm now converted to the Mac side of the force. But, I'm operating Windows mostly. I really like having a computer that doesn't feel like lead bricks. Because I'm still a student, I got a free iTouch. Wheeee!
3. The Husband defends his thesis in less than one week!

3. My old computer crashed, necessitating purchase of the aforementioned Mac.
4. The brakes on the Silver Bullet were shot and required a complete overhaul.

So, my soul is happy but the wallet is hurting.

1 comment:

Dragon said...

We love your pirate/biker chick/poor ass/student soul. Thanks for the update, LJS. :)