15 July 2008

Now we're zooming

Got the license, insurance, registration for my very own bike. Last night was its inaugural ride and it was so much fun! I would post photos but it's hard to ride a bike and take pictures at the same time.

Despite the head gaskets leaking, crooked handlebars and the rear light being something of the cobbled-together variety, I've devoted my time of late to the most important motorcycle tasks. Naming it!

So far, I really like Kali. Like the magnificent Hindu goddess, my bike appears fierce but is really a kind and loving spirit. The artwork on the bike tank does not exactly indicate "Hindu deity", as I'll hopefully be able to show you soon. But I've seen into its spirit and I know that Kali is a good fit.

So, yesterday Kali and I went on the freeway for the first time. 55...even 70 feels so different when the wind is actually hitting you. It's great! But I'm planning on keeping my freeway sojourns limited until I feel more comfortable on the bike.

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Dragon said...

A pirate on a motorcycle. Now that's BADASS! If you riding down my way, come give me ride.