21 March 2009

That first burst of spring

Warm weather is coming my way, in fits and spurts. The first of the crocus flowers and the daffodils are greeting us and I too feel like I am making my way out of the cold and the haze. If slowly and with trepidation.

My running is going well! The 4x/week program is good and I'm slowing creeping back up the mileage. Now I complain. Whyyyyy? Because it's my blog and I'll whine if I want to...
My right hamstring feels like a rubber band, after being left out in the dead of winter, that is now being stretched to its limit. It feels tight and crackly and I almost screamed in yoga class today getting into a downward-facing dog. That posture used to be one of my favorites, now it is painful!? One harbinger of old age, I understand, is that my body will start to complain and whine and sometimes just break down (a la the "hamstring incident" of 2008).
But, I also know that giving up is also a sign of aging. So, I'll be stretching more often. Spending more time doin' those yoga poses that make my muscles ache.

Momentous moments have occurred, and I feel settled for now. If not slightly overwhelmed because I just (I think) offered to write a grant application ON TOP OF my thesis served with a side plate of post-doc job application. Oh yes, I did just say THESIS.

I'm writing up baby. YEAH!!

:) LJS

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