01 April 2007


Runners, my friends, have a strange sense of humor. You see, our idea of having fun on April Fools Day is to wake up at a very early hour to run our guts out. Today was the Martian Marathon, where southeast Michigan gets invaded by little plastic aliens and endurance runners (or, in my case, endurance wroggers-a slow running/jogging pace) lined up at 8:30 am to tackle a lovely course through two colleges and a very nice string of rolling hills and metroparks.
I ran with G-man, and we had fun getting into the spirit of the theme. We wore little bobble glow-in-the dark antennea headbands for the first mile. This race was not the size of Detroit's marathon, and it was nice to have a small group of runners. The race was really well supported-there were aid stations every two miles. Although it would have been nice to have a more energetic crowd, the ducks and skunks did their best to liven up the weary runners.
Miles 9-12 went much better here than during both times at Detroit, maybe because of there not being a very strong headwind. The finish was good, and they had pizza (!!) for us afterwards.
It was definitely a 2007 goal to run in a spring half marathon. But I went into this race feeling really unprepared, so I approached it like I would a long run-enjoy it, don't worry about pace or time. But...as it turns out, I did pretty well for slow wrogger such as myself. I guess I was really enjoying it! I set a good time (2:27:49) which is really motivating for this year's Detroit!

Now I'm convalescing and eating dinner. I made Dragon's recipe for Killer Mac-n-Cheese. It is super-delicious! Have you visited her lately? You really should!

:) LJS


Dragon said...

I bet you look cute in glow-in-the-dark antennea! Congrats on setting a great time.

Believe me, there's nothing Killer Mac-n-Cheese can't make better. Glad you liked it.

Sparky Duck said...

runners dressed up like aliens? being a track person myself, I am not surprised.