28 August 2008

Much more cheerful post

...and more random.

It occured to me today that I wrote the book on Raman spectroscopy of cartilage and Raman spectroscopy of inorganic pigments. "So I have that going for me."

I need to pick up coffee tonight. And, I need to put up curtains in our bedroom. We do have shades, but our nocturnal feline loves to set up his night watch duties on our bedroom window sill. And all throughout the night, we hear the pitter patter of blinds hitting each other has Howie KATT runs through them. I think I can hear him thinking "I am praying for my loved ones" during the night.

I've been listening to Barenaked Ladies. I like their cover of Bruce Cockburn's "Lovers in a Dangerous Time": " but nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight --
got to kick at the darkness 'til it bleeds daylight"
...so true eh?

BTW: major kudos and a large cheesecake to the first person to name the first quote.

1 comment:

Dragon said...

I remember that book. It was a real page turner. :) Love you! BNL rules!