05 September 2008

The bully wears lipstick

It's pretty well known on the high seas that this pirate doesn't watch TV. So, I read the transcript for Sarah Palin's acceptance speech on Wednesday night because I've heard alot about it.

After the usual narrative about how she's a regular kind of gal, the teeth came out and so did the vicious attacks. Despite the fact that I can relate to her as a woman trying to balance home and work, I came to the overwhelming conclusion that this woman is just plain mean.

I can't help but think: What does it say about someone's character when they use their national introduction as an opportunity to lie, lie some more, mock regular people, bully and attack other people?

Now, compare the tone and content of Palin's acceptance speech to Barack Obama's speech on race. And afterwards, just try to tell me that all politicians are the same.

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