08 September 2008

Stupid zealots

There is alot of political garbage out there. To a point, one can maintain a sense of humor. But, then that line gets crossed and it's just got to stop. I'm on the left, but I'm just aghast at some of the baloney floating out there from both sides.

Can we agree to:
1. Properly frame our arguments? The left has been absolutely horrible in its examination of Sarah Palin. Her record, and how it pertains to the issues of our economy, infrastructure, standing the world etc are important. Conspirary theories about this woman's progeny, the cost of her glasses and questioning her ability to do the VP job and be a mother at the same time is really bullshit. I question her ability to do the VP job. Period. (Shouldn't you?)

2. Stop this bullshit about Obama's religion? Seriously folks, the man is a Christian. Get over the funny-sounding name already. Slips of the tongue get the best of us, but what the right has done with this particular slip by Obama is...unchristian.

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