18 December 2008

Winter symbiosis

What goes better than peanut butter with pancakes, hot cocoa with whipped cream, macaroni with cheese?

Heavy snowfall and a day of baking, in comfy clothes and a Santa hat.

We are in for a Winter BONANZA! Yippee!! Starting tonight after the peoples are nestled all snug in their beds, mother nature will bestow upon us mortals 11 inches of snow in less than 24 hours. Now if the weather people actually have their predictions right, this is looking to be a prime opportunity to "work from home". (forgetting the fact that, yeah, I probably could walk to work)

And by "work from home", I mean finally getting my Christmas baking on. I plan to be making all sorts of delicious goodies that include some cookies, candy, cheesecakes (yes, that's a plural!), and lasagna.

It's a perfect storm of a semi-legit reason to stay at home, procrastination, and a gigantic sweet tooth.

:) LJS

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