21 January 2009

Inaugural mishaps

What a fantastic moment-yesterday-when I had both President Obama and Chief Justice Roberts in the same frame of my computer monitor. My geek-crush-o-meter was through the roof! I noted that Roberts did not wear an overcoat. Take THAT Chuck Norris! Chief Justice Roberts is so tough that he looks at frostbite in the eye and says "Bite me".

Unfortunately, he wasn't so suave during the oath adminstration. But then again, neither was Obama.

For this very human moment, and the fact that it now meant we're no longer under the thumb of Bush and his evil henchmen, it was my favorite moment of the inauguration.

Hey...that's a good name for a rock band "Bush and His Evil Henchmen". Too soon?

1 comment:

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Uh, Chief Justice Roberts IS one of Bush's henchmen.