22 January 2009

Vet, an old pro

I hope that someone reminds me to pay my taxes and properly vet staff members before I run for Senate.



Hyperion said...

Yeah, 'cause that was the reason she dropped out...

And she didn't "run" for Senate. She asked to be anointed.

I have no problem with someone who hasn't been in public office being a Senator. Good ideas are good ideas.

But that person should "run" for the office, put herself out there for the public to judge.

These "appointment Senators" are supposed to be a place-holder until an election, and a person with a career in service to the government is a far better selection.

And that's before the non-voting, illegal-nanny-hiring and philandering.

Just writing that sentence I realized I have missed the Kennedys!

tiff said...

With a staff of 0, it's easy to keep track of ONE of those things.