20 April 2006

April 21st, a 31st for one

I was reading an email from Mad Sweeney about defending his home from the brigands of New Jersey-ites, and it reminded me of my favorite passage from Rumi.

"The worth of a treasury is indicated by the many locks upon it. The greatness of a traveler's goal is marked by the intricate windings of the way, and the mountain passes to be endured, and the brigands infesting them"

Domie; Happy Birthday! Today we celebrate with you as you mark another trek around the sun. May your travels be marked with joy, love and difficult turns, for it is these that make the journey worthwhile. I thank you for a quiet ear, a happy laugh, many jokes, and your caring soul.

Hugs and kisses from afar. Love, LJS

PS...The Depends, denture fixatives, and large-print Readers' Digests are in the mail! :P

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