11 April 2006

da Blog has a contest!!

Yours truly is a runner. Well, come to think of it, I should be saying I am a foot shuffler. Semantics aside, my old pair of Mizunos has seen better days and I am retiring them to the land of casual tennis shoes. They will be very happy indeed. The retirement party will involve tequila.
I have two (yes, two!) new inductees to the LJS method of torturing shoes, otherwise known as long-distance running, and I'd like to bond with them. In addition to running in them, I want to name them. Actually, I'd like you to help me name them. So...I'm holding the first-ever grand and exciting contest on da Blog. And it is "Name my Shoes". Awesomely cool huh?
To get you started, I'll give you my ideas. I want your comments people!

a) Spunky and Kinky
b) Fred and Barney
c) Dick and Jane
d) Betty and Boop

Happy trails, :) LJS


trek said...

Desmond and Molly -
because running to a good backbeat is the key to successful running (The Beatles).

Francis Esmonde-White said...

I'm in for Dick and Jane. :D

Dragon said...

Frick & Frack
Stinky & Kinky
Boo & Tay

'Jax said...

A) Appealing to the Foot Fetish Demographic, are we? Bad Lady! Bad! Whoop-ah!
B) The Hanna-Barbera Ernie and Bert. So unless your shoes are covered in ruby sparkles, I don't think so.
C) You'd need to evolve a third foot for Spot first.
D) Boo-boo-pee-doop! I think this is the winner, but you'd need to glue googly eyes (with great big eyelashes) and a little pouty mouth to the toes. Super-kewl if you're an elementary school teacher, not so good if you're an prosecuting attourney.

Dominique said...

i like dragon's Boo & Tay idea - but you know i have a thing for that kind of stuff

Dominique said...

Oooo what about Stin & Kayh?

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I like Puss-n-Boots!

Dominique said...

ren & stimpy

Hyperion said...

Call them "Kevin" and "Bacon," and when you get excited, you can go all Foot-Loose (and possibly kick the shoes off).

Tracy Lynn said...

Fish and chips? Plank and Jonny? Black and Beard?

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I think that I'll merge a couple names.
1) Spunky Dick and Kinky Jane
2) Kevin Bacon-I totally loved the "footloose" idea. It'll make passing mile 20 that much more fun!