23 October 2006

Good night, lil veggie

The Monkey Barn has not one, but TWO Halloween stories for all you good folks!

The Celery Stalks at Midnight -started off by the lovely and talented Sea Hag

Nighty Nightmare - part one by yours truly.

Enjoy! :D LJS

"Surely, men love darkness rather than light" -H.D. Thoreau

On my way through the campus this morning, I noticed a couple of very large, very old trees were missing and *they* were moving some of the smaller ones. Why?
Because *they* are expanding the art gallery. {sigh} I was really sad to see that tree getting uprooted and moved, and I felt so badly for the large trees that were killed off. I think it's ironic that we destroy natural beauty in order to make an artifical shrine to artifical beauty. If one cannot see beauty in trees and stars and sky then there is a shallowness that cannot be cured by a piece of canvas.

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tiff said...

Well! A Thoreau quote!

I couldn't agree more with your sentiments on finding beauty in nature. I hope there remains some of it for future generations.