18 October 2006

I am a bad "Feeder #1"

Howie Katt would like me to point out that I completely missed celebrating October 15th as All Cats Day. And now I must propiciate the fuzzy feline with a tribute to cats. So, today I have gone all out here- a "Kitty Haiku", a top 10 list of cat attributes, a few awesome links and Howie Katt's photo.

Kitty Haiku-by Feeder #1

Graceful and smooth fur
Perched by the couch side, waiting
Pounce! The fur does fly!

Top 10 favorite cats of all time

10. Tigger
9. Si and Am from "Lady and the Tramp" (We are Siamese if you most please..meow!)
8. Battlecat
7. Mean Kitty (all bow before Mean Kitty!)
6. Morris the cat
5. Puss...in Boots (the bestest Shrek sidekick ever)
4. Bill the Cat (no other cat can cough up furballs like Bill)
3. Bucky Katt (If I had another cat, it would have to be like Bucky)
2. Hobbes
1. Howie!

Some purr-fect links!
And onward to the carnival of the cat, or perhaps to some adorable kitten pictures? If you want some sarcastic cat, head on over to visit Mean Kitty. And there are some cute cats, adorned, for our persual at stuff on my cat. Best of all, since cats are our beloved pets, please treat them nicely and they will give you many years of love in return. Consider offering a loving home to a lonely kitten or cat, there are many clinics and shelters that have adoption programs. Sometimes, though, feral cats are best left alone (thanks for the reminder Mad Sweeney!).

(At this point, Howie Katt is reminding me to tell you that I adopted him when I found him in my garage...lost, scared, emaciated, and lonely. I instantly fell in love. He was and still is the sweetest cat ever, and I'm happy he's my companion!)

And, don't forget to make you and your loved ones the kitty litter cake to celebrate!

:) LJS and first cat-Howie Katt

(The author does not condone regular donation of Doritoes to the feline, but Howie digs having a treat every now and then)

And, a shout out to Watts-my favorite "Third White Stripe" kitty


tiff said...

Isn't EVERY day the day of the cat???

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

True that, Tiff. But I guess they made us formalize October 15th.
Beware, beware the Ides of October...any one with allergies!

Sparky Duck said...

Shh, dont tell Miss Kittie I missed it, she will be so insulted.

And LJS, Friday for sure.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Oh my goodness, who knew felines could be so funny (or type)?