15 October 2006

The smells of fall

I love the fall season.
What fall lacks for warmth, it makes up for in wonderful smells. Both indoors and outdoors.
Outdoors, the lovely smell of burning leaves and fresh crisp air.

Indoors, my orchids are blooming. In a couple of short weeks, my beautiful Stanhopea Oculata will grace chez Scarlett with the bewitching aroma a vanilla and chocolate. I look forward to this bloom all year-the flowers only last a few days. They are both uniquely beautiful (the blooms grow out of the bottom of the plant!) and intoxicatingly delicious to smell. Here's a pic from last year's bloom. I wish I could make the picture "scratch and smell" because I think that if everyone could smell these flowers, it'd remind them how beautiful this world is and we'd have world peace.

I also have four cattleya's that are coming into bloom. Photos are coming soon, because they take a few days for their blooms to fully "ripen". I'm waiting for my paphs to start spiking, but it looks like my phals won't be blooming this year. Pity too, because their blooms last for months.

:) LJS


Sparky Duck said...

Looks like a nice flower. Fall has the special smell, the smell at night when the wind is just right smells like football to me, but its a hard thing to explain.

Plus, I got Mrs Duck to make an Apple Cake, which always smells good

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

And you will be sharing this recipe right?! :D

Sparky Duck said...

Well I will have to now ;) And it was even better the second day (gloating a little)