28 July 2006

Pile of furry lethargy

In the dog days of summer, my cat is too furry to be comfortable. So, I'm going to shave his fur with the help of Ber.
In the meantime, don't you get the impression that this is the philosophy of all cats??
Enjoy your weekend, :) LJS


Dominique said...

I'm glad I have a poodle!

Tracy Lynn said...

If I didn't have AC, my life would be bad, for my male cat, Spider, needs to be ON ME AT ALL TIMES. Crazy. But they both, because there's Frannie too, take refuge in the kitchen, where I have set up special beds etc in the windows, and it is always warmer. I'm sure I have sucker writ large across my forehead in cat.

Claire said...

Love the cartoon! So true.