27 July 2006

Today is MY day

Whenever I have something bad happen to me on *a* day, I try to make up for it in spades by doing all the things I enjoy and love. I do it just so that I don't always remember that day as "oh that's the day when the only thing that happened was the world fell apart". One particular example was when I had "bad day X" and on "bad day X", I made it a point to take a nice long walk, go visit the botanical gardens, talk to my best friend, and eat at my favorite Chinese restaurant. So, now I remember "bad day X" for the bad thing, but I also remember the good things with it. I guess one could call it forced optimism; but it works for me.
Anyhoo, today is pretty bittersweet. An ending, but also a beginning.

So...here's part of my optimism for today.
I'm so thankful that Lord Mullett is in my life, he's the most understanding and wonderful guy. He's my everything. And, he loves pancakes as much as I do!
I'm really happy that Hypey declared July 27th as LJS day. I definitely needed some silliness, and of course Hypey's up to the task. It's great to see all the e-love and it's an ego boost to know that today is MY day! And, no...I don't look like that picture. My boobs are totally bigger. ;)
I'm so happy to see Ber and D tonight, they are so wonderful.
I can't adequately express enough love and gratitude to Tina. She's been my best homie since blue mascara was popular and she is an incredible woman. Likewise with Lainie, except for the blue mascara bit. My two sisters by choice, how did I get so lucky?
OK, off to grab some lunch at one of my favorite places. Yin and yang.
Chow, LJS


Dragon said...

:) You make me smile.

Dominique said...

We're the lucky ones to have you LJS - Love you, Sis!

Tracy Lynn said...

Indeed, we are all the better for having you around. :-)

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I'd like to share my fortune cookie for that day "You will have good luck and overcome hardships". Nice eh?
Thanks everyone! :D