07 May 2007

Drivers R Us

In every nook and cranny of this lil world, I've noticed one universal truth.
Ready for it?

People are so not Zen with their cars.

From Montreal to Xi'an, from Waimea to Barcelona, yes even in small town Americana. I've noticed that most of us (myself included) just go on auto pilot and tend to ignore the world when behind the car. My mom used to call it the "booger picking effect"-how many people have YOU seen picking their nose in the car? Many!

Perhaps going the tree-huggin' hippie route of bicycle and public transport has reawakened my senses. Maybe it's just a pesky need to keep vertical and breathing. But, I've become more aware of cars and the havoc they wreck (pun intended). I was wondering if it were possible for us to get Jesus, in a car sense. Perhaps a 12 step program where we reaffirm our:
1 Control of the vehicle.
2 Control to NOT drive over bicyclists. Please remember our skin does NOT shear, despite the awesome speed of our two-wheeled, non-polluting bikes.
3 Ability to see a stop line
4 And, going with #3, actually stopping AT said line
5 Cool quotient. Please, no ABBA unless you're the neighborhood, completely benign, pimp daddy.

These are only 5 steps, but they're a good place to start. And, remember folks, we do appreciate you stopping at the stop line.

Hey, enjoy the weather! :)

1 comment:

Dragon said...

6. Don't drive with your knees because your busy eating a big mac and fries.

7. If you drop something, pull over before you try to retrieve it. Don't be ducking your head and swerving all over the road trying to pick up your ABBA cd.