28 May 2007

Le meuble est mort, vie le meuble

I'm having one of *those* days where the couch and I are doing some serious bonding. I feel like not doing a darn thing, but I suppose that may be because my morning/early afternoon was so eventful.
For starters, my honey left for a week to go back to our "Montreal home" and I miss him tremendously. I've taken up my habit of having my digital pictures folder open, ready to show a picture of him at a moment's notice. But this absence is only one week instead of 6, so I'm thankful for that.
And, I forgot I signed up to walk in a holiday parade today for our congressman, John Dingell. A phone call at 9:15 am reminded me of my obligation. My brain is getting moooshy, must be old age, because I usually don't forget these sorts of things. Anyhoo. The parade was for ~ a mile, and our job was to walk behind the car carrying Mr. Dingell and his wife (they were waving to folks), and throw candy at the kids watching the parade. It was so much fun! I really enjoyed seeing the Dingells again, as they are very nice people. It is my hope that politicians are as nice and sincere as the Dingells. Again, I was reminded that it's really easy for us to get involved. There were about 10 kids who just walked up and asked if they could help, and they did. I think that our country would greatly benefit from folks doing something more to get involved in their local goings on. Did you know that the "average American" watches 4.5 hours of TV a day? I wonder what great things we could do if we gave up an hour of TV each day?
What would you do with an extra hour a day?

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Sparky Duck said...

Theirs my favorite little political activist! And I love the digital picture thing.