05 September 2006

Your love, is better than...

Yesterday was a day of realizing goals, achieving one's dream and conquering slinertia (that's slacker+intertia=slinertia). Folks, I finally made it to Dairy Queen. There's a cute DQ on my way to school and ever since it opened in May (!), I've promised myself that I'd treat myself to an ice cream cone or sundae. Well...for one reason or another ({cough cough} no cash), I never made it to DQ. Until yesterday. Yesterday morning, I woke up and I knew it was going to be "the day". I was going to Dairy Queen! So, I took the day at my leisure, preparing myself for the big moment. I brushed my teeth, for the first time, at 5pm but in the glee of the day...I didn't notice my furry teeth. I dressed in my finest "yeah, I didn't take a shower so I don't want to wear anything too nice" clothes, donned my bike helmet, and grabbed my keys. At 5:26:09 pm, I made off my bike and travelled over to DQ, change in pocket. Ohhhh, it was a beautiful day and when I got to DQ, I relished over the menu for several minutes before making my choice. The air was crisp, the laughter of children surrounded me, and I could have sworn that I heard Jack White singing a cover of Sarah's "Ice Cream" faintly...in the distance. For one moment, the ka in the universe was mine and I seized the opportunity.
"Small hot fudge sundae with krunch koat sprinkles please"

I sat at the DQ and thoroughly enjoyed it. :D

Though one season ends, a new one begins. I hope the last couple weeks of summer are good to everyone.
:) LJS

On another happy note, I am now a S.K.I.T.T.L.E. What does that mean? Well, for starters, Hyperion offered to bear my children. I'm so totally taking him up on this offer. I'll no longer wake up in the middle of the night with cold sweats worrying about the pain of labor, discolored stretch marks, forever ruining my figure or accidentally ripping out the epidural needle thus paralyzing myself. Thanks Hypey! :D

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