09 March 2007

Pancake love

I love hearing how couples meet, and I love pancakes too. Imagine my uber-joy when I heard this morning's Storycorps on NPR's Morning Edition. It's about how a husband and wife met each other at their job.
It IS the absolute cutest story you'll hear all day, maybe even all week! It's got...heart-shaped pancakes. OK OK OK...I'm swooning! Listen to the story, the link is near the title. The Storycorps music is really cute too.

Talk to Lady Jane! Tell me how you and your hunny-bunny met. I'd like to eventually start a book about these "meetings", so I may a) put it up on a separate blog and/or b)contact you to see if it'd be OK if I talked to you more to get a longer story. As supreme piratess of...my own little world...I'd have to retain any and all copyrights to what I'd written. (sorry for that legalese, now back to our originally scheduled blog)

And, my hunny is arriving in...7 short short hours. I'm so excited! Happy Friday all!
:) LJS


tiff said...

eeee! Francis is in da HOUSE!

met my husband at the bar at his sister's wedding reception. Met a buncha other guys at bars too......methinks there is a pattern there!

Sparky Duck said...

dull, match.com, though shhh few people know that.

Pageant Mom said...

it's a longer story how I met my husband... if you want me to share you can email me at finallydoingsomething@yahoo.com

Pageant Mom said...

that looks weird - I need you email me, cause I'd send it but I can't figure out where to get a valid one for you LOL