28 March 2007

Window Dressing

Tiff's March 26th posting, entitled "I'm not her", set off a legion of thoughts ranging from the near sociopathic jealousy of the always put-together girl on the 9:40 bus to the uber-feminist "fuck the Man for trying to make me shave, wear makeup, and push up my breasts in order to fit into the so-called ideal of beauty". The question of "how much is too much" is really appropriate here, especially when it comes to us gals.

I am of the less-is-more sort, but not in a uber-feminist sort of way. I do like feeling like I didn't scrape myself off of the gratings of the latest car that tried to hit me, so there's basic every-day sort of stuff like showering, brushing teeth and hair, and clean clothes (makeup and blow dried hair's optional). And then there's days when I like to feel more dressy-so some makeup, maybe fuss a bit over my 'do, and some extra nice clothes.

I really like to see people when they're not all dressed up or make-up-ed up (how's THAT for a new word?). My favorite is to see people running-watching hot people run notwithstanding-because I can see the real person, the blood, sweat, and tears. I like being able to see people's eyelashes, they're really pretty and soft. I like seeing freckles, large pores, and the wrinkles. It's great to see people blush. I love seeing my honey's freckles and moles on his left cheek.

Sometimes I feel like we put alot of effort into window dressing, without paying too much attention to what's in the proverbial store. Sure we can blame clever marketing, society, movies, the Media etc. But, ever wonder what would happen if we were all perfectly coifed and Photoshopped? I'd hate to see what would happen if we all looked like Cosmo or GQ cover people-it would be quite boooring to me. So, many kudos to Tiff and all the other wonder women who let us see that they're beautiful on the inside, no window dressing necessary. It's not laziness, it's freedom.

:) LJS


Sparky Duck said...

Mrs Duck has a thing with eyelashes too, which I think is odd, since I am not supposed to have pretty lashes.

I have always liked the less is more in a woman, except for the movie stars and rock stars I drool over, cant ruin the fantasy.

Dragon said...

I did an impromptu survey at lunch today. Out of 5 guys, only 1 liked a ‘made-up’ look over more ‘natural’ looks for women. Most of the women didn't believe these men. I wasn't as hard on them. I actually believe that given the choice, men would take natural beauty over the illusion of the 'make up' look.

I think we as women are taught that natural beauty is not enough. We're conditioned to think we need the makeup and the products to be beautiful. Sad.

tiff said...

LJS - pirates do not need makeup - their ferocity is enough to make any knee weak.

Also, pretty much any woman (or man) doesn't really NEED to enhance, we've been doing it so routinely for so long that we believe it's necessary.

I blame this on the Egyptians. All of them.