25 March 2007

Wedding Photos are up!

It's so hard to believe it's only been 10 days since Francis and I got married, I guess that the distance makes each day drag like molasses in January.
Our wedding was so happy and joyful. I know that it'll be amongst many many more. I've uploaded some photos (in no particular order) in my flickr account.

Next week is the Martian half. Awwwwww yeah! But for now I'm going to immerse myself in the awesomeness of "Deadwood". It's a great show, and it's GREATLY expanded my vocabulary of rotten things to call drivers who do not share the road. Muahahahaha.

:) Ahoy! Lady (that's Mrs. Lady to you) Jane Scarlett


Dragon said...

You look stunning in the photos! I bet you smiled the whole day.

Congratulations on your wedding and I wish you and Francis all the happiness in the world.


P.S. Deadwood is one of my favourite tv shows ever. Ever!

Sparky Duck said...

congratulations! Now I have something to look at after dinner!

tiff said...

Yippee! Photos!

Congratulations. Over and over again.