18 February 2006

More MBS!

Just to let y'all know that, just because Michigan has blue skies twice in one week, the world is not going to end anytime soon. We do get sunshine on a fairly regular basis, I think a study showed we get ~69 days of full sun a year, but unfortunately it seems like most of those 69 days is crunched into the summer. In December, we had 14 minutes of sunshine. Isn't that a totally enticing reason to move to Michigan? ;)
Partly cloudy forecasts is something of an art form for Michigan folk, I've learned to take those two words with a grain of salt. (I wonder if Dali had lived in Michigan would he have painted melting clouds?) "Partly cloudy" can mean anything from 0.00001 to 99.99999% cloudy. Cloudy forecasts means one thing-that you should make a big batch of hot cocoa, cover up in bed, and snuggle with your loved ones 'cause the sun ain't going to come out.
Holy cow, I've just made a blog talking about the weather?!? Yikes.
Keep warm, have some hot cocoa and hug your pets.
:) lady jane scarlett
PS: Next week's forecast? Sunshine! Heaven knows it's been too long already...


Francis Esmonde-White said...

I'm not sure that I believe the whole blue sky thing yet. Did you finally read a good photoshop tutorial?

Hrm. At least you won't be too shocked by the colour of the sky in Cancun. ;)

It's funny that I can give you a hard time about weather, considering how bad ours can be. Somehow though, even when it looks like things are fairly foreboding and overcast, we manage to have deep blue sunny skies.

Maybe it's because my snowflake is so far away. :(

Dominique said...

It's always sunny up there - you just can't see it cause it's radiating from you and that lovely smile that is ever so brighter lately - something that I like (thanks FEW)