07 February 2006

scientific progress gone boink!

Of the all the things I could comment on in the article, the only *safe* thing to say is that I liked the author's use of "irony gland". The reason why I say *safe* is that the newly-appointed FBI agent who is spying on me does not yet understand my sarcasm, dirty jokes, and wit. I'd hate to try to earn my Ph.D. whilst in prison.
(um, yeah. Maybe I shouldn't wake up listening to reports of the Senate's meetings with Gonzales that are about the fact that yes, we are being spied upon with impunity) Next week I may unleash my full sarcastic wrath upon y'all. Until then, stay vertical. Especially you, Secret Agent Man.
:) kd

(copy and paste the link, techno-phobe here hasn't quite mastered the whole "url" function yet. duh.)


(update 9.2.06-heh. i figured out the oh so tricksy http function. so you can click away at the link with abandon.)


Hyperion said...

As someone who had to learn every stupid thing the hard way, let me help you out. When you're writing your post, up at the top are all those keys like B for bold and I for Italic. A few to the right of those is a green circle. Highlight the portion you want linked, and then click on that green circle. A box will appear and you put your link in there. The "http://" is already provided, so you might want to paste over that if you're copying directly from the web page.

You can also link so that it opens up in a new window, but that's a tad harder. I'd be happy to show you that, too.

Francis Esmonde-White said...

You might try using the HTML anchor tag: < a href="http://WhatGoesInYourBrowser"> to make your links < / a >.

ps. you need to do it without the extra spaces between the angle brackets, and the 'a' (which stands for 'anchor').