03 February 2006


I'd forgotten that I had a blog (blonde moment). Hence the long break.
I'm looking at my hands while typing and realizing how old they look. I mean, I can see the veins. Dammit. Thankfully, no wrinkles yet. It must be all the pirating that's keeping me young. Arrrgh!
I'm back in the land of grey skies, welcome to Michigan.
Words cannot describe how wonderful it is to simply be in the presence of someone who makes you smile from the inside out. I mean, it seems like my smile is the willing vassal to a joyous soul. And it's a smile for the person that he is, with all his kindness and warmth and exuberance and joy.
I guess that there are so many reminders that we are capable of love if we just let it happen. Every time I think of Dunkin Donuts I smile because I am reminded of that sunrise, when sunshine came into my life.

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