08 March 2006

Glass Gods

I saw an interesting article for some interesting glasses today, but I wonder how far they can be apart and still glow. Looks like I'll be perusing New Scientist to find out, and perhaps travelling to Montreal to check them out in person.
I'm submitting a manuscript today for peer-review. Keep your fingers crossed. If all goes well, it'll be two journal articles down...two more to go in order to graduate. I'm looking for jobs and passing out my CV because it's never too early to start getting one's name *out there* in the job market. And, it'll be a great chance to meet people who are doing very cool science.
If anyone is interested, you may want to "eye" my last article in the April issue of Applied Spectroscopy. The final manuscript is not as fun as a beta-version, but definitely fit for public viewing.
To paraphrase a whole bunch of folks: growing old is mandatory, maturity is optional.
:) ljs


Dominique said...

is it tea time in MI yet? think i need to come up there.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

It's always tea time in michigan! You're welcome to visit anytime, but be warned that Dominick's will not be serving their wonderful sangria until April.